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Healthcare and Medical Internet Marketing ... "Healthcare's Prescription for Web & Social." Healthcare digital marketing needs vary and so will our episodes. This podcast augments our content on Whether you need help starting a website, developing brand awareness, SEO, reputation-management or starting a Facebook account, Russ and Randy are here to help you. We’ll be publishing episodes of “Tips in 10 with Russ and Randy” regularly to help you understand, develop and implement a marketing strategy of your own. Russell Faust, M.D. is a ENT specialist. Russ loves branding and healthcare marketing. He is CEO and Managing Partner of The Windrivengroup, Inc. Randall Wong, M.D. is a retina specialist turned Internet marketing, SEO and social media nerd and founded Medical Marketing Enterprises. Together we hope to give insight and support healthcare organizations, physicians and medical practices how to brand and Internet Market...successfully and correctly. Together, our goal is to support and educate healthcare organizations, physicians and medical practices to successfully, and correctly, connect with their patients (and future patients) through branding and Internet marketing in the digital age.
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Internet Marketing for Doctors.

Nov 17, 2016

Ever sign up for anything online?  If you did, it was probably a result of a "call to action or CTA.

"Call to Action" is a marketing tool where an instruction is given to initiate an immediate response. There are examples of "Call to Action" everywhere; TV, radio and the Internet.

CTA marketing is very important to Healthcare and Medical Internet Marketing, too.

Listen to this episode of Russ & Randy Podcast to find out what your ultimate Call to Action is for your website. 

Read on.

Purpose of Your Website?

You have a website to grow our practice.  How does a Call to Action grow your practice (see below...)?

It's very simple, in order for you to grow your practice via your website, you need to have potential patients;

1.  Sign Up to your email subscription list
2.  Call to schedule an appointment

These are the two ways a website can grow a medical practice.  Building an email list and generating patient appointments are the only call to action examples you will need. 

A Call to Action simply invites your reader to complete 1 or 2 tasks which are the goals of your website.  They are simple reminders.

Other CTAs might include, but do not necessarily pertain to healthcare;

  • Buy now
  • Download Now
  • Talk to Us
  • Chat Now
  • Click Here

Email List

Everyone in business should be building an email list.  Asking your potential patient to subscribe to your website via email allows you to;

  1. Educate them/provide value
  2. Increase your brand
  3. Update your patients with current practice news
  4. Most importantly - stay engaged with your patients

Placement of Call to Action

The Call to Action should be easy to find and obvious.

There is a special place on every website where your CTA should be placed.  Russ explains why this placement is so critical on both your desktop/laptop version of your site and on a mobile device.

Even on a mobile device, there should be ample room accommodate both an email CTA and a "call now" for an appointment.

Want to know more?

Mobile Responsive Test

As we discuss, use to test your website on a particular smartphone or tablet.  This is much easier than manually searching your website on numerous phones and tablets.

And it's free.

Next time you go to a website, listen to the radio or watch TV - see if you can find the CTA!


Thanks for listening. See you next week!  If you have a question or comment, please ask here or on our website.

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All the best!

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