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Healthcare and Medical Internet Marketing ... "Healthcare's Prescription for Web & Social." Healthcare digital marketing needs vary and so will our episodes. This podcast augments our content on Whether you need help starting a website, developing brand awareness, SEO, reputation-management or starting a Facebook account, Russ and Randy are here to help you. We’ll be publishing episodes of “Tips in 10 with Russ and Randy” regularly to help you understand, develop and implement a marketing strategy of your own. Russell Faust, M.D. is a ENT specialist. Russ loves branding and healthcare marketing. He is CEO and Managing Partner of The Windrivengroup, Inc. Randall Wong, M.D. is a retina specialist turned Internet marketing, SEO and social media nerd and founded Medical Marketing Enterprises. Together we hope to give insight and support healthcare organizations, physicians and medical practices how to brand and Internet Market...successfully and correctly. Together, our goal is to support and educate healthcare organizations, physicians and medical practices to successfully, and correctly, connect with their patients (and future patients) through branding and Internet marketing in the digital age.
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Internet Marketing for Doctors.

Oct 27, 2016

Nothing makes you an authority like writing a book.  A book can establish you as an expert.  Writing a book for your patients can be the catalyst you need to successfully market yourself.

And it's not as difficult as you think.

There are many advantages to writing your own book, even for doctors and other healthcare providers.

Russ interviews renowned healthcare author and speaker, Lynda Goldman in this episode.

Exceed Your Own Authority

Writing a book makes you an authority, it makes you an expert in that field.  Even for healthcare providers, including doctors, writing a book can establish you as a leading expert in your particular niche.

Writing a book, directed to your patients, can educate them and your community.  Lynda discusses how educated patients can improve office efficiency and how they can become happier and healthier.

Advantages for YOU

The obvious advantage of writing a book is to grow your practice.  In doing so, your professional brand improves perhaps leading to speaking and consulting opportunities. 

Russ and Lynda talk about less obvious, but very intriguing, benefits of writing your own book.

Write a Book in 3 Months

Get started! 

Writing a book can be easier and cheaper than you think.  Whether you simply want a book on Amazon or a more traditional version, writing a book can be easy with Lynda's advice and "hacks."

Listen how you can avoid hiring expensive ghost-writers, publishers and agents.  You can even publish a book without ever writing.  Ever think of self-publishing?

Free Seminar

Lynda is offering a FREE Writer's Road Map.  This 5 Day course will teach you the methods and secrets Lynda has used over the past 25 years to author over 40 healthcare and wellness books!

Thanks for listening. See you next week!

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All the best!

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Oct 20, 2016

How do you convert patients from the Internet?  There is an actual process by which a "follower" becomes a patient. 

In this episode Russ and I define the 3 components that will allow you to understand how your website and your content can engage your next patient.

We talk about the need to establish yourself as an authority, provide value and developing trust.


We are healthcare authorities.  We are healthcare experts.

The content you provide on your website must be credible and clinically accurate.  Fortunately, as healthcare experts, this should be natural.

In addition, our readers understand us to be authorities on healthcare.  In any other industry, the website owner (us) has to earn or prove authority, but we are deemed natural authorities based upon our professional degrees. This can take extra time.


Every successful website must provide value.  If not, no one would visit.  Think of every website you visit and figure out the value you receive.  Travel directions, movie listings, recipes, etc., the websites which answer your questions provide value.

For your website to rank well, you must provide content (articles, publications, presentations).  Your content will educate and inform, thus providing value.


With time, by repeatedly providing value, you develop trust with your readers.  Once trust is established, you are likely to convert your reader to your next patient.

My favorite example is a navigation site used for directions.  The value provided is correctly arriving at your site without getting lost.  With time you rely, or trust, this website to get you to your destination each and every time.

If the navigation site failed you 25% of the time, you would never trust that site...ever.

Understanding that there is an actual process should help you with your Internet marketing strategy. 

Authority, value and trust.

Thanks for listening. See you next week!

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All the best!

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Oct 14, 2016

Your brand in the digital world depends on much more than face-to-face time with your patients! Your brand depends on more than merely how great a physician you are.

If you are skeptical, go check out your doctor ratings on,,, or any of the other doctor-rating sites: note that the majority of questions that determine your online rating have nothing to do with the doctor! Most of the questions that determine your online reputation - your brand - depend on factors out of your control. 

Or are they? Are those factors out of your control? 

Duane Knapp tells us how to control those factors that build your online (and offline) reputation. He tells us how to optimize your brand! 

Oct 13, 2016

Did you know you can update your website and social media platforms with a single click?  Just one.

"'Killing two birds with one stone' is wrong Dad, it should be one throw!"

Regardless if you think my then 8 year old son is right, are you maintaining and updating your website and social media platforms as efficiently as possible?

Are you doing everything you can to automate and streamline your web presence?

In this episode of Russ and Randy, we talk about ways to streamline and automate your various platforms and website.  In addition we talk about some time saving tools to make your work more efficient and fun.

Finding time to write one article is hard enough.  By connecting your website to your social media platforms (usually with something called a plugin) you can automatically post a link to your new website article on your social media accounts!

After every article we write gets published on, a link goes to Twitter and Facebook announcing to our followers on those platforms that we have a new article to read.

In this way, all of our platforms remain uniformly updated, we avoid manual posting and the possibility of forgetting!

Email Handlers and RSS

Two popular email handlers are aWeber and Mailchimp. 

They serve the same basic function by sending emails to your subscribers that a new article has been published on your website. 

Your website likely has an RSS feed (every blog/Wordpress site has RSS).  The RSS updates the email handler with information about your new article.

aWeber and Mailchimp then email this information to your subscribers.  This way your subscribers (patients, Internet readers who follow your website) automatically receive your updates.

Re-Purposing Content

For those of you interested in publishing content on different media, this can be a time saver.  Randy explains how he will be publishing the same content on his website, YouTube channel and podcast - all with one episode!

Editorial Calendar

Listen to how Russ uses an editorial calendar to keep in sync with real world events.  This is a great way to make sure you don't "miss" any important dates relevant to your audience like "national hand bag day"!  Is there one?

Templates and Blueprints

Once you develop a system to producing/writing your content, the process becomes easier and less arduous.  The purpose of templates or blueprints is develop a format which allows you to efficiently produce content.

How many stones or throws are you using?

There are other "time savers" to automate your process.  If you have something you'd like to share, please leave a comment here, or better yet, on

Thanks for listening. See you next week!

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All the best!

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Oct 6, 2016

In this episode, Russ and I talk about the different ways our patients and listeners learn.  We discuss Google, YouTube and podcasts and how they differ by the different types of content they provide.

Different Platforms

Google is the largest search engine in the world.  Most content on the Internet is in the form of text, that is, you have to read articles posted on websites.

Youtube, the second largest search engine, produces video content.  To consume videos, you listen and watch.

Podcasting has exploded over the past few years (hence, "RussandRandy").  Upwards of 20% of adults have listened to a podcast within the last 30 days according to Edison Research.  You can listen to a podcast anywhere.

Different Learners

One explanation of the popularity of these platforms is that we are all different learners.  We all have a preference for learning a certain way. 

If you like to read, you search Google.  You like to watch content, go to YouTube.  Because you are here, you must like to listen to your content.

Russ and I have different ways of learning.  This may have influenced us in our career choices, who knows?

Having a preference for particular types of media must even influence which social media platforms we choose to communicate with one another.

Content of Your Website

For marketing purposes, text is still preferred because text (your website) can be optimized and ranked better compared to video or audio.  There are no great ways to yet optimize, index and rank audio and visual content.

As you get more proficient with your website, you may choose to re-purpose your content on YouTube or even start a podcast!  We'll be talking about "re-purposing" in an upcoming episode.

Producing content on various media platforms will broaden your audience.  At the same time, however, you want to be producing content tailored to your patient demographic.  Give them content in a form they prefer.

Don't know what they like?  Ask them!

If you have questions or comments, please email us or visit

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Thanks for listening. See you next week!

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All the best!

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